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During last few months I was searching and collecting Endbands (Headbands) images. trying to classifying those images according to the headband period and technique, or according to its name. But recently there is a lot of debates about the Endbands codicological terms and names, some conservators say that the number of different endbands and different variations of endbands is so great that another system of classification and naming needs to be devised.

According to some researchers and books, there is some sort of classification for Endbands (Headbands) which researchers use, for example, the book Headbands, How to Work Them, by Jane Greenfield published in Jun 2001 this book includes step-by-step instructions on how to do various types of headbands. With easy to follow instructionsLots of different headband styles are included with figures. It covers more than the usual headbands.With some sort of classifications and names, It includes Coptic, Greek, and many other types. you can find a digital copy of this book on Google books on this link, or read it here through this embed:

Some likes video tutorials, hence, I made some Youtube videos for Endbands (Headbands) which you can watch the step by step process here:

For sure you can find much codicology books and references using the same term which is referred to (The Technique and the era), for instance: Coptic binding or headband, Byzantine Binding or headband, Gothic Binding or headband, Islamic Binding or headband, etc. All are codicological terms, researchers described after careful, thorough, and extremely attentive to its historical evidence, technique, and details. However, surely making a debate and discussion to Impartiality understand a very vague term, is required and healthy.
However, here is a collection of Endband Images that probably you will like:

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  1. You can put the credit of the images to Rodrigo Ortega 1 to 18, 56 and last. Thank you.

    1. Sure, you can add the link for the copy rights here and I will include it on the article. thank you.


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