Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture

  I am happy to announce launching my personal website online yesterday, let us start to Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture.

Islamic headband pattern over Byzantine headband as a support

I believe in sharing knowledge & experience "By sharing your knowledge, you gain more then you lose" David Gurteen said, personally I do not like to waste my time doing rubbish activity or unnecessary things, so I decided to invest in my free time (which is not that much) to gain more than I lose, if you think sharing experience and knowledge wasting your time and making others much more knowledgeable than you, you are completely mistaken, in opposite you will gain and learn more than you imagine and think so let us be committed to making difference and creating a knowledge sharing culture.
   Here you will find a variety of easy to follow how-to and tutorials on manuscripts, books, documents and maps conservation as well as tutorials for historical and modern bookbinding, crafts and more.

this website is mobile friendly to make it easy for most of the internet users all around the world with light and stylish design

Mobile screenshot 

in my website, I tried to collect all my sharing publications in one place (Android applications, tutorials, videos, how to ... etc) this website will be updated eventually with new topics and more sharing.

add sherifafifi website to your favorite websites ;)

Sherif Afifi
Sharing Knowledge

Creating a Knowledge Sharing Culture
Sherif Afifi